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To use this function, you need provide materials coefficiencies, such as complex refractive index, EQE, and so on. (Our database include most of common materials')
After received your request, we will repsonse you asap, and help you finish this work.


Your architecture (e.g. Glass/ITO/P3HT:PCBM/Al)
Thicknees of each layer (e.g. 0.1mm/50nm/100nm/100nm)
Please indicate which layer is your absorber (e.g. P3HT:PCBM)
Do you have ellipsometer to test complex refractive index, and which type of instrument (e.g. Yes, XXX). Because if our database does not have these materials' data, you need to test or obtain them by yourselves.
Name (e.g. Albert Einstein )
Which institute you are working for (e.g. Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, Wake Forest University)
Expected due date (e.g. in 3 months)
Email address
Supplement: You can submit your supplement material using either the right blank or directly email them to opvaps@gmail.com

Please click this button, when it does not work well or you have question .


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