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• Correct an error in I-V section, method 2 (Ooc-7-13)
• The Manual downloads here (Jan-3-13)
• An error of choosing the data range of Solar Spectrum AM1.5 has been corrected. Thanks to Bernd Ebenhoch (Nov-12-12)
• "Gallery" Section is available now (Feb-1-12)
• New function IEQ is coming (Oct-31-11)
• Official domain is changed to www.opvap.com (Oct-31-11)
• We apologize this domain is unavailable on Oct-25-2011. It has been addressed now.
• We are testing this platform now, please leave your suggestion here.

• Open Photovoltaics Analysis Platform (OPVAP) is a group of programs using in solar cell research, including single crystal silicon such as polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon, polycrystalline thin film CuInGaSe2 (CIGS) or CdTe, multijunction III-V devices, dye–sensitized or titania solar cell, and conjugated polymer or their complex with nanomaterial-enhanced, even the optical confinement geometry photovoltaic device (OCGPV).
• Analyze experiment data: Current–voltage characteristic curve (IV data), External Quantum efficiency (EQE) spectrum, and their combination, and so on.
• Calculate optimal architecture based on standard solar spectrum (AM 1.5g) or heterogeneous light illumination you specified.
• Include some assistant tools: PictureProcess (figure to data) and Disigner (design device architecture).

• I-V: Current–voltage characteristic curve
• EQE: External Quantum efficiency (EQE) spectrum
• IQE: Internal Quantum efficiency (EQE) spectrum
• IV & EQE: Advanced analysis by combing I-V and EQE
• Fig to Data: Image to data
• Basic Test: Max absorption and unit conversion
• Equivalent Circuit: Simulation of solar cell at certain illumination
• Optical field in multi-layers: Find light distribution by a transfer matrix method
• 3D architecture: Introducton of 3D solar cell based on optical confinement geometry

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