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Illumination Area: (default 1, unit: cm^2)
Illumination Power: (default 100, unit: mW/cm^2)

Please copy your two columns Voltage-Current data below
Attention: the default units of two columns is (V, mA)


Please copy two columns Wavelength-EQE(unit %) data below

For getting a comprehensive report including Rs, Jph, J0, n, and the Lumo and Homo of donor, you need type some experiment conditions.
Temperature (default C 27)

To estimate your Lumo and Homo level of donor, you need to input the Lumo and Homo of Acceptor (such as PCBM: Lumo -4.2eV, Homo -6.0eV)
Lumo (default -4.2 eV) ; Homo (default -6.0 eV)

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The Result

Jsc=0mA/cm^2 Voc=0V FF=0 Eff=0%

  Inverse of slope  
Series Reisitance Rs (ohm.cm^2)  
Shunt Resistance Rsh (ohm.cm^2)  
Ideality factor N/A  
Saturation current of diode J0 (mA/cm^2) N/A  
Photocurrent Jph (mA/cm^2) 0mA/cm^2  

The Current Density Jsc = mA/cm^2
Max Jsc with "100%" EQE = mA/cm^2
Donor's Lumo-Homo= eV


Donor's Lumo = +-0eV
Donor's Homo= +-0eV
The possible max efficiency= +-0%




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